Things to consider

Consult this list of important things to consider after stroke.


  • What tests do I need to have done?
  • When do I need to have them done?
  • Where am I having these tests done?
  • Have I asked for my discharge summary and list of tests (and results) that were done in hospital?

Refer to the section on Tests for useful tips.


  • What medications do I need to take and why?
  • Do I know how to take them?
  • Do I need a way to organize my medications so I remember to take them (for example, a dosette or blister pack)?
  • Who do I ask if I run out of the medications that were prescribed while I was in the hospital?
  • Do I know which pharmacy to go to for prescription refills? Who will pick up my medications and when?

Refer to the section on Medications for useful tips.

Good Health

  • Do I know what I need to do to help prevent another stroke?
  • Do I know the signs of stroke and the action I should take?
  • Have I been referred to a Stroke Prevention Program or Clinic?
  • Do I know when I should follow up with my family doctor?

Refer to the section on Good Health for useful tips.

Swallowing Difficulties

  • Do I know what textures of food or drink are safe for me?
  • Do I know how to prepare these (for example, pureed foods or thickened drinks)?

Refer to the section on Swallowing Difficulties for useful tips.


  • Do I know how to arrange for help to look after myself if I need it (for example: help with bathing, dressing, meal preparation or grocery shopping)?
  • If I need help at home (for example, from Home and Community Care) when can I expect them to come to my home?

Refer to the section on Self-Care for useful tips.


  • If my ability to communicate has changed, do I know how to express my needs so I will be understood?

Refer to the section on Communication for useful tips.

Ability To Think and Understand What I See

  • If my thinking and/or vision have changed, do I know how to keep myself safe?

Refer to the section on Ability To Think and Understand What I See for useful tips.

Where I Live

  • What equipment or assistive devices do I need at home to be independent and safe?
  • Do I need someone to come to my home to do a home safety assessment?

Refer to the section on Where I Live for useful tips.

Getting Around

  • Has my health care team recommended that I use a mobility aid to help me get around?
  • If I need a mobility aid such as a walker or cane, have I made arrangements to get one?
  • Do I need help with transportation to attend appointments or run errands?
  • Have I been assessed for accessible transit (for example, Wheel-Trans)?
  • Do I know how to book a ride?

Refer to the section on Getting Around for useful tips.

Social Support

  • What arrangements have been made for more therapy if I need it?
  • If I am referred to an outpatient therapy program, do I know where I am going? Do I have contact information?
  • What kinds of activities can I do to help with my recovery after stroke?

Refer to the section on Social Support for useful tips.

Caregiver Support

  • Can my caregiver safely manage my care?
  • Has my caregiver been linked with a support group if needed?

Refer to the section on Caregiver Support for useful tips.

Work or School

  • Am I able to return to work or school at this time?
  • If not, do I know how to get back to work or school if I can?

Refer to section on Work and School for useful tips.

Return to Driving

  • Has my stroke been reported to the Ministry of Transportation and my driver’s license suspended?
  • If I am not currently safe to drive, do I know the process to be approved for driving again?

Refer to the section on Return to Driving for useful tips.

Finances and Money

  • Can I manage my bills (for example: paying rent or utility bills, buying medications or equipment)?
  • Do I need to apply for employment insurance, short term disability or other financial assistance programs? Do I know how to apply?

Refer to section on Finances and Money for useful tips.

Upcoming Appointments

  • This chart can help you keep track of your appointments. You can also use a journal to track this information.

Download the chart