Managing your money

It is normal to feel worried when there is a change in your health.

It is normal to feel worried when there is a change in your health. You may be worried about:

  • Not being well enough to return to work
  • Your savings running out
  • Paying for medicines and support equipment you need

If you need money-related support, there are services that can help.

Finding help with your finances lets you focus on your recovery.

What can I do to make money managing easier?

You and your family can try to:

  • Create a financial plan and budget
  • Connect with a financial advisor
  • Set up a power of attorney for property
  • Find out what your private health insurance covers (if you have it)
  • Find out if you have disability insurance and what that covers

What is a power of attorney for property?

This is a legal document. It gives someone else the right to make money decisions for you when you are no longer able. This lets them help you with things like paying the bills.

Give this right to someone you trust.

Power of attorney for property – You can learn more about how to choose the right person on the Public Guardian and Trustee website.

How can my workplace support me?

Check with your workplace to see if you can get support for short-term or long-term disability.

Short-term disability lets you get some pay when you have a health problem that is lasting a long time. Your doctor will need to fill out some forms for you.

Long-term disability lets you get some pay if you cannot return to your job because of health problems. It can give you back more of your pay over a longer period of time.

How can my community support me?

Find out what local resources you have in your community. Sometimes there is help with housing, medical items and other services.

Visit Toronto Central Healthline website to explore options in the Greater Toronto area.

How can the government support me?

Here are some programs that may be able to help support you after a stroke. Explore each website to learn more about each program.

Employment Insurance (EI): Gives short-term financial support to people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own.

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP): Gives long-term financial support to people who cannot work because of their health or disability. Helps people with disabilities find a new job. 

Ontario Works (OW): Gives short-term financial support for basic needs (such as food and shelter) and healthcare. Helps people find a new job.

Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) Retirement Pension and Disability Benefits: Service Canada provides Canadians with a single point of access to a wide range of government services and benefits

Ontario Public Drug Programs: Ontario has programs that help pay for some medicines or medical items.  

Having read the information in this section, consider the following:

  • Do I need financial support (for example: to look after my family, pay for medications, equipment or changes to my home or car)?
  • Am I eligible for assistance?
  • Do I have private health insurance that can help pay for some of my costs (for example, Sun Life or Blue Cross)?
  • Do I have disability insurance?
  • Do I have short-term and long-term disability benefits through work?
  • Do I know who to talk to about my work benefits (for example: my boss, human resources or occupational health)?
  • Do I know about government funding programs and tax benefits available to persons with disabilities (for example: Registered Disability Savings plan (RDSP), Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) or T2201 tax form)?
  • Am I able to manage my money (for example, pay bills or balance a budget)?
  • Can my caregiver manage the finances?
  • Do I have a will?
  • Do I need a power of attorney to manage my money?
  • Do I know when I should call the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee?
  • Do I feel that I am being taken advantage of when it comes to my money?

Where to get more information, help and support: 

Toronto Central Healthline

City of Toronto Property Tax and Water Rebate Programs

City of Toronto Hardship Fund

Canada Revenue Agency – Tax Return Eligible Expenses